3x Gold Ochsen Kellerbier 5 litre keg / party keg ONE WAY

Unfiltered and malty


This unfiltered and therefore very rich in content beer speciality from Gold Ochsen pleases the eye with its spring-like fresh light yellow colour with a silky matt haze and a fine, long-lasting foam cushion. Scents of meadow herbs and fresh hay, followed by floral tones, create an anticipation of the first sip. A malt-accentuated and moderate sweetness is harmoniously balanced by a gentle hop bitterness.

A soft carbonic acid consistency with pleasant refraction plays around the tongue, a smooth malt body with a floral hop flavour finishes cleanly on the palate. One looks forward to the next sip…

Food recommendation: Well chilled as an aperitif or welcome drink with cold plates, pasta, spicy roasts and soft cheeses.

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€ 2,43 per 1 l
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