Desperados 5 litre barrel / party barrel

Desperados 5 litre keg: a flavourful highlight

Some drinks are simply a must at a party. These include a wide variety of beers. Desperados, an international beer that stands out from the crowd with its delicious tequila flavour, is particularly popular with many people. The lager was first launched on the German market in 1996. It has since become so popular that the Desperados 5 litre keg is a must at almost every event.

But why should you actually offer Desperados in 5-litre kegs? After all, the drink is also available in bottles. After all, it's much more stylish to offer a freshly tapped beer from a beer glass at celebrations. It certainly tastes much better to the guests. It's the same with many other drinks - freshly tapped is simply more delicious. It's the same with Desperados.

It is precisely for these reasons that the Desperados 5 litre keg is part of our range. A beer from the Desperados keg tastes good and offers a flavourful highlight.

€ 22,99
per 1 Keg
€ 4,60 per 1 l
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
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